Project summary

Specific cross-borders objectives of the project were: the sustainable management and recreation usage implementation of the river Kolpa; the regulated infrastructure for recreation usage of the river Kolpa; recognition improvement of the river Kolpa valley as a tourist destination. Recon ciliated expertise, solutions and river usage system will have a positive impact on both sides of the border. River usage regime that will clearly define the rules for every specific activity (sailing, fishing, gravel exploitation, etc.) will stimulate especially tourism development. Up to now these activities haven’t been regulated. The regime will therefore have actual positive influences on the products and activities development on both sides, and preserve the area identity, connected to the river. Municipalities will regulate law frame that will be actually taken in action, which will have an impact on the whole area. That is why consistent agreements have to be made to avoid the obstruction of some activities. Erection of infrastructure will stimulate river usage on both sides of the river and add new qualities to it. The regulation will have direct impacts on tourism development and future state of the environment by the riverside. Realization of public tourism infrastructure pilot regulations, performance of management during the project implementation period and gaining the experiences and knowledge are benefits that will contribute to the regulation improvement of the area also in the future.

Project title Joint approach for navigability regime regulation on the river Kolpa
ERDF funds 1,219,349.84 EUR
Project duration

(month/year – month/year)


Lead partner

Občina Črnomelj


Občina Metlika

Občina Kočevje

Krajinski park Kolpa

Općina Žakanje

Općina Kamanje

Općina Neretić

Turistično društvo Damelj

Regions involved

SI: Jugovzhodna Slovenija

HR: Karlovačka županija

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Key results and performed activities (quantitative results; max. 3 – 5)

40 enter/exit areas on the Kolpa river;

10 renovated bathing spots on the Kolpa river;

1 multi-purpose tourist object;

1 suggestion of transnational agreement about the usage of the Kolpa river.