Project acronym: Prehistory Adventure (612.246,44 ERDF)

Lead Partner: Općina Donja Voća

Project Partners: Občina Zreče, Muzej Turopolja, Občina Radenci, Arheološki muzej u Zagrebu, Univerza v Ljubljani (Filozofska fakulteta)

Prehistory heritage in the programme area is not fully presented in the form of attractive content and is not managed sustainably. Two gaps have been identified by archaeologists: lack of innovative approaches to the tourist interpretation of the archaeological heritage in nature, and the neglect of individual findings. There are traditional (classic) exhibitions in vitrines, archaeological parks that lack information and badly promoted paths. Individual findings are not interpreted in the sense of tourist contents. The GENERAL OBJECTIVE of the project answers this challenge – how to connect the course of prehistory from the earlier Stone Age to the Iron Age in an instructive and exploratory way, evaluating and highlighting the importance of individual findings and experimentally demonstrating how people lived, ate, worked, their clothes and habits.
The expected CHANGE will include new, interesting contents without dangerous impacts on the protected core of the heritage. The project will connect and activate the prehistoric potential in 5 different regions of the programme area and offer an unforgettable insight into the most distant period of human history to target groups.
Tourist sector, local population (economic activation), tourists and other interested public (life-long learning and new skills) will BENEFIT from the project.
The complexity of the area and diversity of archaeological prehistoric findings requires an URGENT CROSS-BORDER COOPERATION of experts. New methodological approaches will be created by synergy through their diverse experience and professional knowledge, providing a comprehensive interpretation of prehistoric facts and push the events to the entry points of protected heritage through different INNOVATIVE elements of experience (1 augmented reality application, 1 virtual kiosk, 1 prehistory learning polygon, 5 interactive smart boards, 86 organised events and workshops etc.).