Project acronym: RIDE&BIKE II (744.151,66 ERDF)

Lead Partner: Zagorska razvojna agencija

Project Partners: Turistička zajednica Krapinsko-zagorske županije, Turistička zajednica “Savsko-sutlanska dolina i brigi”, Razvojna agencija Kozjansko, Razvojna agencija Sotla, Javni zavod za kulturo, šport, turizem in mladinske dejavnosti Sevnica

Mutual cooperation on a project of a simialar thematics (OP SI-HR 2007-2013:RIDE&BIKE), created partner’s vision about smart integration of natural and cultural heritage, specially those dispersive elements of heritage (f.e. castle ruins, outside of tourist routes) worth seeing and ways of tourist travel (biking, riding a horse). New mutual challanges were detected and are related to unsuficient link of natural and cultural heritage,active tourism and disconnection of offer in rural areas. Therefore, the main goal of project RIDE&BIKE II is development of selective tourist products based interpretation of natural and cultural heritage through establisment of management system for development of active tourism. The key project result is to increase number of visitors in cross-border destination (for 3600 visitors), and direct project outcomes are: 1. organized cross-border offer defined through 2 tourist cross-border tourist products based smart integration of protected nature (NATURE 2000, other forms of nature protection) and cultural sites (old cities-registered heritage, castles; museums); 2. developed RIDE&BIKE standards with 10 standardized subjects of tourist offer (hospitality, accomodation); 3. developed awareness about importance and possibilities of tourist valorization of natural and cultural heritage and their smart integration of the active tourism offer. Cross-border approach is neccessary due to wholeness of specialized tourist offer that this unique destination can offer, and planned approach is focused on optimal use of ambient resources with respect of social-cultural authenticity of the destination and creation of long-term sustainable economic activities. Innovation of the project is manifested in creation of mutual cross-border tourist destination: cross-border specialized tourist products, mutual destination standard will be created, and an integral innovative promotion of the crossborder area will be implemented.