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V okviru Programa sodelovanja Interreg V-A Slovenija-Hrvaška je bilo v okviru 1. in 2. roka odprtega javnega razpisa odobrenih 17 projektov. Do sedaj pa sta bila odobrena tudi 2 strateška projekta v okviru 1. prednostne osi programa.

Prednostna os 1: Celostno obvladovanje poplavne ogroženosti v čezmejnih porečjih

Akronim projetka: FRISCO1 (3.460.307,50 EUR ESRR)

Vodilni partner: Hrvatske vode

Projektni partnerji: Ministrstvo za okolje in prostor RS, Agencija RS za okolje, Direkcija RS za vode, Državna uprava za zaštitu i spašavanje, Državni hidrometeorološki zavod, Inštitut za hidravlične raziskave, Uprava RS za zaščito in reševanje

The risk of floods is considered the greatest risk with the highest cross-border effect and need for joined risk management. The cross-border programme intends to focus to the river basins and flood risk management issues that can only be addressed through joint intervention of Slovenian and Croatian water authorities. Through its Priority Axis (PA) 1, Integrated Flood Risk Management in Transboundary River Basins, the Cooperation Programme provides an unique opportunity for these authorities to improve the transboundary flood risk management and achieve a reduction of flood risks. This Project (Flood RIsk Slovenia-Croatia Operations – Strategic Project 1 – Nonstructural Measures (FRISCO1)), will serve two key purposes: to improve coordinated flood risk management and reduce flood risks through implementation of non-structural measures, and to prepare documentation (studies and design) for the optimal structural measures that will be implemented in subsequent strategic project or projects. The main outputs will be sets of joint models, maps and tools for each of the six target transboundary river basins (Kupa/Kolpa, Sutla/Sotla, Drava, Mura, Dragonja and Bregana) with the associated design documentation for optimal structural measures, improved physical alert systems, and the outputs of awareness rising/capacity building activities. The Project will address the needs of a wide range of target groups, and the ultimate beneficiary of the Project is the affected population. The Project’s objectives can only be achieved through cross-border cooperation because, in line with the Floods Directive, the flood risk management planning should be done following the river basin approach in order to determine the optimal measures. The Project is original because of its comprehensiveness, both in terms of the spatial coverage (all transboundary river basins) and in terms of the scope of the measures (all key non-structural measures covering preparedness, prevention and response).

Akronim projekta: FRISCO2.1 (1.426.746,25 EUR ESRR)

Vodilni partner: Direkcija RS za vode

Projektni partnerji: Hrvatske vode

The objective of the project is the implementation of a structural flood risk reduction measure – the modernization and upgrading of the Vonarje Dam, which is a key structural flood risk reduction element in the Sotla river basin.

The Vonarje Dam was constructed more than 40 years ago upstream from the confluence of Sotla and Mestinjščica rivers and functions as a protection from high waters for downstream settlements on both sides in the border area.

Because of serious damages to the concrete part of the structure and wearing out of HM and elec. equipment and machinery, the dam poses a great threat downstream.  In case of malfunction or even demolition of the dam consequences downstream in the river basin area could be devastating, e.g. mainly to econ. and agr. infrastructure, as well as housing infrastructure in the area.

The proposed modernization and upgrading (main P output) will decrease the flood risk and ensure the efficient operation and comprehensive monitoring (incl. seismic) in accordance with existing legislation (main P result). The P will thereby contribute to the overall programme specific objective “Flood risk reduction in the transboundary Sotla/Sutla river basin through application of a structural flood risk management measure” as the main project output directly reduces the share of transboundary river basins under flood risk (5b4).

The project will be supported by communication activities (WPC) which will target stakeholders from local, regional and national levels (e.g. the general public, national, regional and local authorities and sectoral agencies etc.) to raise awareness and increase knowledge on the issues of flood risk and flood protection measures.

Cross-border cooperation on this project is vital as any flood risk reduction measure on a transboundary river needs to be bilaterally coordinated to avoid one-sided approaches that could endanger the other side.

Prednostna os 2: Ohranjanje in trajnostna raba naravnih in kulturnih virov

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Prednostna os 3: Zdrava, varna in dostopna obmejna območja

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